SEO Bath

I understand that a website must be optimized to its full potential and that SEO is not just a matter of alt and title tags, my search engine optimization skills have developed to concentrating on all aspects of the company and website, analysing the current on site and off site issues.

I keep up to date with all the latest Google Algorithms, ensuring that I am aware of any key changes – please feel free to take a look at my blog in which I will discuss certain algorithmic changes (along with other SEO news).

Setting up off Google analytics and Webmaster tools is essential for reporting, and I will always ensure that they are set up properly when working on sites.

On Site and Traditional SEO

On page and traditional SEO is imperative to ensure that your website is viewed correctly by Google – old school SEO tricks are such as keyword stuffing is penalised. On site SEO is not a quick process – site speed, copy, headings, images ,accessibility and a host of other considerations must be looked at to ensure that its done properly.
If all you need is SEO and no web design, please feel free to contact me, we can discuss your sites needs in detail, and arrange a free site audit.

Off Site and Local SEO

Local SEO is becoming more and more important to listings, maps are becoming more difficult to get listed on, and there is a number of techniques I can undertake to improve your strength.

PPC / Pay per click

Pay per Click or PPC as it is commonly known is ad based Google listings, and can be very useful in certain circumstances, for example if your site is new and you dont want to wait until your organic and local results are ranking PPC would be great for the interim period. PPC is seen as very simple to set up, however this is wrong – people forget a lot of certain things to look out for and can rack up large bills.