What to expect in the Developed Web blog

So this blog is going to be my place to talk about a number of topics – these will include what is happening in the local community, Web design and SEO practices that I follow and WHY, case studies from clients, and other misc items.

I will also be doing tutorials on general SEO and web design practices and I will be asking for people to suggest what they want to see. Subjects will range from how to optimize an image, how to install WordPress and set up multisite,and  ensuring that you know the basics of local SEO – and WHY it is so important. The subjects will be quite varied and I intend to make them simple to understand; I am hoping to do some more advanced tutorials too.

The blog will also feature posts about what is happening in the SEO world, telling you what to look out for and how it could impact your website.


Rob @ Developed Web

New Website

Welcome to my new website Developed Web – here I will be writing about what is happening in the web design and SEO world – trying to make it as simple as possible for you to understand.

So keep an eye out and if you have any questions please feel free to ask.